About AMP

All Music is Power (A.M.P) is a fully interactive, musical concert series that reaches kindergarten through post secondary students who receive special education services. The organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Concerts are performed by professional local musicians who provide an opportunity for students to enjoy and gain an understanding of music making and its creation. We believe that music is power and empowering to all people, regardless of ability. Students are not only audience members but are also given the opportunity for a hands-on experience in their own student-centered learning environment.

This interactive opportunity for self expression and learning is based on the concept that music is truly a universal language.


Andy Reed

Songwriter, producer, vocals and guitar

Andy is owner and operator of Essexville-based Reed Recording Company and a veteran of the Tri-Cities music scene. He began as a singer-songwriter, then moved on to bandleader with the formation of The Haskels. After continuing to perform with them, as well as forming numerous other musical projects, he later filled in on an East
coast tour for the Verve Pipe and was subsequently asked to join the band. For four years he traveled the world and performed with them.

Andy has previously won the Review Magazine Award for Most Innovative Artist, Best Solo Artist, Best Songwriter, as well as Best Recording Studio 3 years running. (2014,’15 and ’ 16)
For more information, visit reedrecordingcompany.com

Donny Brown

Songwriter, producer, vocals, guitar, and drums

Donny was a founding member and one of the principal songwriters of The Verve Pipe, whose albums have sold in excess of 3 million worldwide. He also recorded, produced and co-wrote the two highly acclaimed family albums for The Verve Pipe in 2010 and 2013, both of which ended up on iTunes Best Of Year lists. His original compositions have been featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos, Roswell, and on Dawson’s Creek as well as in the Tim Allen feature film Joe Somebody .

Donny was also a Saginaw All Area Arts Award nominee in 2016. For more information, visit donnybrownmusic.com


Mark Lyons

Special Education Teacher, currently a Curriculum & Technology Specialist at Bay-Arenac ISD

Mark holds a B.A. in Special Education with an endorsement from Central Michigan University in ASD & EI. Mark, a Saginaw Valley State University graduate, was a special education teacher for 12 years. He taught students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and Emotional Impairments.

Mark assists AMP in strategies for students who have special needs and/or sensory disorders and works directly with Intermediate School Districts (ISD) and Educational Service Agencies (ESA) in scheduling AMP concerts.